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The Company, LifeWorks-ACS, is a small company of occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, and developmental specialists experienced in working with people and their families that live with disabilities. We provide our services in the consumer’s natural environment: home, school or work.
We apply our many years of experience in the field of assistive technology, rehabilitation, human development, advocacy and developmental disabilities to facilitate more independent living, enhanced quality of life, improved functional skills and, better and safer care of people with developmental disabilities.   Our familiarity with applicable policies and navigating various funding mechanisms often used to pay for adaptive equipment and specialized services gives us a unique advantage of successfully securing what the consumer requires to achieve their endeavors.  LifeWorks strives to accurately and effectively inform its consumers and his/her care givers while also working collaboratively and cooperatively with various applicable human service agencies and funding entities.

Our Mission - To pursue better living for people with disabilities and their families.

Our Values

  1. Every person and situation is unique and therefore requires an individualized approach.
  2. We strive to provide complete and accurate information as much as possible to the consumer, ultimately it is their choice that matters.
  3. We are rolling stones.  We are committed to continuous professional development.
  4. Quality matters.  We will not tolerate substandard service.
  5. If it’s not necessary or appropriate, it cannot be successfully justified.
  6. We believe in listening well.



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