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Giggles is an Early Intervention Service offered by LifeWorks-Applied Clinical Solutions. It is designed to promote optimal skill development of infants and toddlers who have known developmental disabilities or are in high risk groups for developmental disability. In addition to providing direct services to the child, we are dedicated to training parents or caregivers in methods to enhance skill development through everyday activities. We believe that the engagement and involvement of family in the treatment process is crucial to success and that parents are full partners in the intervention process.

LifeWorks will provide a trans disciplinary, comprehensive and coordinated approach to providing services to children and their families using a variety of highely qualified professional contractors to provide individualized training, support, and education to children and their families as indicated by their IFSP.

Ultimately, the purpose of the program is to maximize the skill development in the five developmental areas including physical, cognitive, language and speech, psychosocial, and self-help and feeding with maximum involvement of family and community supports (natural supports).

In all services, Giggles is committed to quality, efficiency, teamwork, and of course, some giggling along the way.

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